Monday, December 7, 2009

OMG. go be worthwhile.

the whole engagement thing is getting old. when i tell my friends here about it, they legit dont understand. its refreshingly funny.

I can say this because, number one, i am not bitchy and single. and number two, because i dont think anyone reads my blog.

Heres the thing:
Getting married... there are other things to do with your life. really.

I am already spending forever with jake. and i think that daily, its much more beautiful–private and immanent–– than getting married or getting engaged. its persistent and inevitable. not the engagement part. the together part. public things freak me out. public anything freaks me out. public religion and public politics would be exhibits A and B.

i get sweaty when i think about expressing myself like that. this is all to say, i love jake too much to ask him to marry me for a while.

its just that, everyone's a pain in the ass. why force someone else to put up with it?

(im kind of kidding. kind of not)

oh also, last thing. BRIDES, please stop putting your men in colored suits/ties. it does not look good. please stop.

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  1. OMG WHEN ARE yOu AnD JaKe GeTtin Hitched?!!! Yall ARE SOOOO perfect for each other!! sOoO PResh. ;) LOLZ OMG