Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nicholas Sparks, you are a chotch.

Nicholas Sparks, I had no idea you thought that much of yourself. Number One: Though I am not a huge Hemmingway person, I do know that his fiction, particularly the acuteness of his prose, is unmatched, by you, and by anyone else. Number two: Killing people in the end is not that revolutionary in actuality. it's a very normal trajectory. See the beginning and end of everyone's life. AND number three: your comment about McCarthy shows how unliterary you legitimately are.

My favorite part though, is when you say that you are your own genre. and it isn't romance. and that your favorite tale is "shrug: a walk to remember."

I think you are also probably a conservative republican, who thinks sarah palin is a shining beacon or something.

Here's the link, so everyone else can think you're stupid too.

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