Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tim Howard will keep us safe.

wow this week went by so fast.
I have been anxiously awaiting today. I know that alot of Americans are going to be glued to this game and I of course am no different. Soccer is my sport. These boys are the thing for me.

I've loved Landon Donovan for so long. I'll never forget walking into our hotel in Birmingham for yet another soccer tournament and the US men's team standing there. That was so long ago... but Thaps got Donovan to sign her shoe and ketchup bottle. It was awesome, but that was way before our men's team was even close to awesome.

That was before Tim Howard and Altidore and Dempsey. That was before the Confederations Cup. Spain. and World Cup Qualifiers.

Today. is. huge.

I recognize that this is embarrassing, but I have already cried today. I was watching the special on Tim Howard and how he was born with Turrets. and then the interview with his wife. Espn asked his wife if she was nervous about a potential shoot out for today. She said "No. Normally that's a scary thing for a keeper (keeper's wife) but I know how good my husband is."

And I started crying in the AT& T store. For most of the people that are into the world cup right now, they don't really know how good Howard is. The fact that we have arguably one of the top 3 keepers in the world holding down the net is our greatest strength and greatest means of success. Howard saves our ass so much and for those of you who haven't been watching very much soccer previous to group play, I'll fill you in: He's solid. His form is impeccable. And he reacts quicker than anyone else. You can tell by the way he moves how intuitive his defenses are. they are organic and it's awesome.

I hope we outright win today, but I am not scared if we blow through the 2 fifteen minute extra halves and Howard posts up in goal for Pk's.

Ok, everyone. I gotta go get some beer for the match. ole.

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