Thursday, September 30, 2010

keep calm and carry on.

today was our first day at modelling Ms. Wettstein's Guided Reading. Let's just say, I'm super excited about it. Though today was lengthy and frustrating, I think that after a week or so, we will have it down. I was teaching whole-group so much--and it was literally soooo overwhelming/exhausting everyday. I feel like I am just getting my schedule down. I keep changing things based on my kids attention spans etc. Their brains are completely worthless after specials at the end of the day. I've got to figure out what to do with them...

also: even though I'm sitting at Lipscomb wanting to die, I'm okay, because tomorrow is Friday and we are gonna make it.

Funny things:
Marcos wore a 3 piece suit to school today.

I'm pretty sure Larry tried to kiss Su Sana right in front of me.

Larry asked me why I looked like a boy yesterday (I was wearing a button up).

Daniel ripped his pants. Like legit ripped at the crotch. Huge whole. Spider themed tighty whiteys. He was kinda not upset. He just wanted to keep playing on the playground and begged/cried/pleaded with me not to call his mom and send him home. Obviously when he ran back to the playground and jumped around, his rip widened substantially. When I called for everyone to line up, Daniel's everything was visual. It's a testament to my kids how much they know their classmate and how much they care about each other that no one laughed or pointed. After we go to recess we go straight to the water fountain. It's a 10ish minute ordeal, so after they get water they go and sit down on the red line in the middle of the hallway.
Clearly Daniel (who is super overweight) could not sit down because of his pants ripped down below his knee. So Marcos said, "Mista Turna I be Daniel's friend and stand with him" and tries to put his arm around sooo much larger Daniel and tell him he his friend and not to worry. Meanwhile Daniel just keeps chiming in, "Ms Turner. Marcos my friend. Yea. He my friend."

It made me so happy I wanted to cry. There have been many cases like this in my classroom in the last 6 days. It's always immanent and beautiful.
But back to Daniel's pants: We go to Ms. Trainors room to get pants. NONE fit. We try on lotsssssss. So I'm like okay, I have a room full of 1st graders and I dont care if your pants are undone all the way down. Let's go do math.
Daniel didnt care either. Which is why I think he's going to be S-Teamed pretty soon. :(

Two days ago: Jakari stayed after to help me rearrange my room two days ago. We were talking about something naturally non-related when he blurted out that his mom says bad words. When I asked what kind of bad words, he said "Hush" and "Shut up" and "Stupid." I explained that even though we don't say those words in Ms. Turner's class, sometimes adults say them and they are not necessarily bad. Jakari replied, "But Ms. Turner! My mom say Fuck Ms. Turner all the time."
It was all I could do to not laugh and try to correct the language within the quotation of his mother.
I called my mom and she burst out laughing. Jakari has no idea what I've said about his mother...

Last Friday: Jakari came up to me at recess with his shorts pulled up, saying he had hurt his knee. I said show me. There wasnt much of anything there, but he was super concerned, so I did a lot more reassuring and then got teacherish and exasperatedly said, "Jakari, your're okay. Now, put your pants down." His mouth dropped. And he just stared at me. And then said... "Ms. Turner, nooooooooooo."
The teacher next to me died LAUGHING.

ah. Friday.

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